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Maximise their IT budgets

ServerUnite helps businesses maximise their IT budgets by providing robust and high-quality refurbished servers, workstations, storage, networking equipment, and more from brand names such as Dell and HP.

From start-ups to pre-existing networks, we’re sure to have the exact model you need to keep services running.

At ServerUnite, we always offer the best solutions from cheap brand-name hardware to GDPR compliant data erasure and system support services. Our Full Lifecycle Management methodology, managing the total useful life of IT hardware to maximise the return on investment, is one way in which we save our customers up to 70% off the recommended retail price, allowing them to increase their ROI.

IT rental

To help make the most of diminishing IT budgets, ServerUnite offers short-term plans, allowing you to utilise that much-needed IT hardware, for a low weekly cost.

Maintenance services

From the moment you submit a ticket, our expert team will respond, troubleshoot, and fix any hardware issue you may be facing, providing fast & efficient resolutions.

Data erasure

We offer multiple on-site and off-site GDPR compliant data erasure services, ensuring increased data security. Our engineers are equipped to erase any type of hard drive.


From high-end workstations ideal for engineers and servers designed for start-ups all the way up to expanding pre-existing networks, we are sure to have the exact model and upgrade you need, in stock.

We stock thousands of high-quality refurbished IT systems and components including brand-name servers, workstations, storage arrays, SAS and SATA drives, network cards, GPUs, CPUs, daughter cards, RAM, and all peripheral components to accompany.

Whatever piece of hardware you’re after, contact our expert team today and save yourself up to 70% off the MSRP

Details on Services

IT Rental

IT budgets are being stretched more than ever and businesses must find a way to make the most of their diminishing IT budgets.

ServerUnite offers short-term rental and longer-term leasing plans allowing businesses to utilise that much-needed IT hardware for a low cost. Take advantage and lease your ideal IT systems from anywhere between a day to a year or more.

Maintenance Service

Your IT hardware is running 24/7/365, and so are our maintenance services. Our expert technical support team and field-based hardware maintenance technicians are on hand to assist with any hardware issue you may be facing.

The experience and expertise of our support teams covers all major vendors, products and technologies, meaning they can be relied upon to provide fast and efficient resolutions to mission critical issues.

The moment you submit a ticket, our expert team will respond, troubleshoot and fix the issue within a matter of hours.

Data erasure

Our experienced engineers are equipped to erase any type of hard drive, from Fibre, SATA, SAS or other.

For on-site erasure, our engineers arrive fully prepared to perform secure erasure without having to remove drives from your offices or data centres. Off-site data erasure is conducted at our secure facility abiding by GDPR regulations.


Every system and component from ServerUnite is thoroughly tested to ensure it’s working to a strict minimum performance rating. Any IT hardware falling below this rating is refurbished or replaced to ensure all items from ServerUnite are of the highest quality.

Just as new technology can face unforeseen errors and faults from time to time, getting systems back up and running as quickly as possible is paramount to both ServerUnite and the customer.

We offer a world-class 5-Year Warranty* on all server systems, workstations, storage arrays and more, sold by ServerUnite.

*SSD/HDD backed by a 3-Year Warranty and batteries are backed by a 1-Year Warranty 

Software Licences

With the resale of used software licenses being legal, ServerUnite offers a range
of remarketed software licenses for up to 40% off the retail price.

It’s impossible for companies to run without using software like Microsoft and many have doubts about joining Microsoft cloud.
With ServerUnite you are not bound by a contract, but have the opportunity to buy perpetual licenses. For a one-time purchase,
get the desired software license you need, from server-type licenses such as Microsoft Server, SQL, Exchange,
and CALs, to client-type licenses like Microsoft Windows, Office, and many more.

Contact our team today to find out more and purchase that much-needed remarketed software license.


If you’re starting up and need systems in place to help run your business, or maybe you’re looking to expand your current network, contact ServerUnite for the ideal, high-quality refurbished IT hardware you need.

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